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Scientific Weight Loss Tips

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Tired of searching for the best diet plan or pill to shed some extra pounds? Discover the leading weight loss ideas, with solid science to back them up.

Written and developed by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and also Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).


Music by Mitchell Moffit

Art by Gregory and Mitchell

Some Sources–.

Endocrinology of Cravings:.


Protein and also PYY:.




Soup Satiety:.


Plates/Portion Size:.


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75 thoughts on “Scientific Weight Loss Tips

  1. Guy Mccarty says:

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    1. brahim martin says:

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      l???ss! Cli?k h?r? t? w?t?hit n?w. S?i?ntifi?
      W?ight L?ss ?i?s

    2. Janelle Dickson says:


  2. Sharlene Nazari says:

    do not eat red meat and cut down on dairy?

    1. Dragonfyre26 says:

      Lance Armweak I hunt, death to all vegans.

    2. Lance Armweak says:

      Blackunnicorn I’m vegan, death to all meat eaters

    3. MAAZ ahmed says:

      It appears Maria is talking about Omega 3 fatty acids which our brain use
      as fuel. Red meat doesn’t contain O3FA. Foods like fatty fish, walnut, flax
      seeds falls into that category. But again red meat does contain loads of
      iron which is good for our brain. If your body lacks iron, this will cause
      tiredness and forgetfulness which is linked with the brain. 🙂

    4. Amazing Maria says:

      I’m sorry if my comment bothered you +Blackunnicorn

  3. bee says:

    Calories in vs Calories out has always worked for me.?

    1. Arantis says:

      BMR drops around 1000kcal for every 10kg lost(roughly)

    2. BGirl Voltron says:

      It’s not for everyone and counting calories can become obsessive. I know I
      can’t do it. I just eat high protein, fresh f&v and so sugar.

    3. The Modern Hermeticist says:

      The laws of thermodynamics never fail.

    4. Tuxedo Joe says:

      Absolutely, you can’t escape thermodynamics. If your Base Metabolic Rate +
      your activity is greater than your caloric intake, you will lose weight. A
      drop in BMR is a given when dieting, though. Many people fail to account
      for that, but it is crucial.

    5. x Whaledream says:

      yes, thank you

  4. Samuel Rosen says:

    Or just play Pokemon go?

    1. CoolShark11 says:

      Samuel Rosen LMAO

    2. ???? ???? ????? says:

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      ?nd I just w?nt ?theeers to kn?w wh?n som?thing w?rks. Check ?ut it th?r? S?i?ntifi?
      Weight L?ss Ti??pps

    3. The L Giver says:

      virgin alert

    4. Death Mark says:

      I camp at my house •_•

  5. Cindy says:

    ?? Heeeey Friends I Have Founddddd Greattt Guideee On Weight Lose visittttt
    : –

  6. TheyCallMeJoey says:

    it’s 4am.and I’m starving?

    1. Ave Ain'tHere says:

      go make Delia Smith’s Pancakes

    2. Cat Of Fall says:

      CG: phan

    3. Potato_lord567 says:

      heres some Cheerios.

  7. Corinne Brooks says:

    I love the I’m going to give these products a chance to work their magic
    oooon me. I’ve tried everyyyything out there and so far nothing has be?en
    good enough to help me. Check out it ther? >==>>

  8. Jeena Gurung says:

    There are times when I eat a good portion sized meal but after a while my
    stomach still growls as if it’s hunger. Anyone know why that is??

    1. Gerri Becker says:

      Jeena Gurung

    2. ifer lyf says:

      You might not be eating enough of some nutrients. Do you feel hungry, or is
      it just that your stomach growls? If you’re not feeling hungry, it’s
      possible that your stomach have some difficulties digesting your food…
      Did you eat hard to digest foods? How hungry were you when you ate (eating
      a lot after being really hungry could make this happen, or at least it does
      in my case). And while it’s true that protein and fat makes you feel full
      longer, carbs are the nutrients your body needs the most (for energy, so
      you won’t use the proteins and fat as fuel but as building blocks for your
      body, wich is their main purpose), so don’t go and cut of (healthy) carbs
      from your diet 😉

    3. Hayley Miller says:

      you could be thirsty too

    4. TubeDeviant says:

      Depends on what you are eating.. Protein and fat will make you more full
      for longer periods of time.. If you eat more carbs, you will be hungry in a
      shorter period of time..

  9. Ofunne Mordi says:

    *has cake for breakfast*?

    1. anna fowler says:

      I love to talk about diets, especially those that really work. My husband
      and I are on a fast weight loss program super effective and easy to follow.
      I managed to lose a lot of fat and 22 pounds. My husband lost weight 20
      pounds. I found the fast weight loss program that site here

    2. MuffieAnimations says:

      I like bread

  10. MediaJewhad says:

    Total bullshit. No wonder Muricuns are the fattest hogs in the yard?

    1. Althaf mahammad says:

      worked for meee! I woorked just like I thought it would. It was easy enough
      ?nd I just w?nt ?thers to know wh?n something w?rks. Ch?ck out it on this
      S?ientifi? W?ight Loss Tips

    2. MediaJewhad says:

      UM… OK

    3. Scarlett Whisperer ASMR says:

      MediaJewhad um ok no

    4. Audio Freak says:

      +MediaJewhad Correction. 3 Months. My bad, yet, one little mistake is
      easily corrected. Thanks for the awareness. Though read your comments
      dumbass. Look at those little “facts” portrayed incorrectly. I mean, take
      Japan for example. A country that made overweight illegal. Breakfast,
      lunch, and dinner. Skinniest people you’ll ever see. Compare your body to
      them. Anyways, yeah, as I were saying. Go anorexic for 3 months. See if you
      live. You most likely will since you’re most likely a “obese hog.” Have a
      pleasant night.

  11. GirlyGamerLL says:

    I’m gonna stop eating.?

    1. Chapter Eleven says:

      actually, that won’t be as effective as just cutting down on what you eat
      on a daily basis. if you intake just enough food to stay relatively
      healthy, your body will continue just going as normal, but if there’s a
      sudden lack of intake in calories your body goes into like… battery-saver
      mode, but with calories, and you dont lose as much weight as you would

    2. Dafne.onder says:

      +MAAZ ahmed lots of sleep and I began to eat more gradually.

    3. MAAZ ahmed says:

      +Dafne.onder how did you recover then? supplements and sound sleep?

    4. Dafne.onder says:

      I used to only eat an orange a day for a couple weeks and my hair got super
      weak and I could barely walk straight or concentrate in school and my arms
      would shake all the time. I really don’t recommend it. 🙁

    5. MAAZ ahmed says:

      Then you’ll become weak and the skin looks horrible if you do that

  12. suzzy rothmeyer says:

    when im really stressed or anxious i dont wanna eat?

    1. Nekochii Chan says:

      Same here

  13. Chris Wood (Chrisw8671) says:

    Adding protein and low fat dairy is a terrible idea to loose weight. I lost
    all my weight over time just dropping dairy for lots of green veggies and
    eating between 10-15% of my daily intake from protein. The fat you eat is
    literally the fat you wear so the best thing to do is cut almost all fat
    and add in what you need with nuts, seeds and avocado?

    1. Chris Wood (Chrisw8671) says:

      MAAZ ahmed no one said fat is bad. About 15% of calories as fat is healthy
      where as most people eat way too much and pile on the pounds. In my comment
      i meant get rid of the unhealthy fats and replace them with healthy fats
      such as nuts and avocado. I was not saying all fats are bad as that would
      be nonsensical.

    2. MAAZ ahmed says:

      Most stupid comment I’ve ever seen. Fats are good for body. Any thing in
      excess is bad

    3. Student says:

      +John Smith more douchiness here

    4. Pan Pan says:

      Oreo21, but they’re ruining our planet known as earth. You know that BIG

  14. J D says:

    What if I don’t have the appetite to eat 3 meals a day? I can barely eat

    1. Pedro Cortes says:

      Best advice here.
      Seek professional advice on the subject, there are a lot of variables that
      can lead to a lack of appetite

    2. Akalion says:

      Then don’t. It doesn’t matter if you eat 5×400 calorie meals or 1×2000
      calorie meal. For the longest time in human history no one ever ate three
      meals per day.

    3. ?Tiffany Jade? says:

      yeah thats really unsafe, maybe you should try eating more. slowly increase
      the amount you’re eating so your body can get used to having 3 meals a day.

    4. Susan Zurita says:

      Then you should see a doctor because that’s not normal :/

  15. Student says:

    funny how all the comments say the video is wrong… so dumb?

    1. Edgar Salgado says:

      Gene Barker I was thinking the same thing!

  16. Sihaya's World says:

    Low fat dairy is not such a good idea and instead it’s much better to
    choose almonds, broccoli, kale, sesame seeds or other sources of calcium.?

    1. BGirl Voltron says:

      and full fat dairy. Dairy products are great, minus the sugar (low fat

    2. Allison Koester says:

      But it’s deeelllicccciousss…

  17. Amber Person says:

    You’re not supposed to count your calories ?just eat healthy and/or work
    out regularly. Also even though dairy and meat have a few advantages,
    they’re always going to be bad for you. Meat actually is bad for weight
    loss because it takes lots of time to digest and it basically is rotting
    cooked flesh inside your body all day. And don’t even get me started on
    dairy.?(research it and don’t be bias please)?

    1. Karina Cerros says:

      + Elesser Yávëtil honestly that’s not healthy, i’m sorry but it’s true….
      Why is science telling you this…. Oh yeah there’s more to be told….I
      too lost weight 20 pounds in 1 month and I am doing it in the healthy way.
      You may not care…. But in the future you may. You can have your small
      portions since you probably eat meat and dairy mostly or what ever. But I
      am enjoying a BIG bowl for almost any meal and loving it. I don’t have to
      starve myself or excersise so much. Just 30 min- 1 hour. I feel so happy
      now my food is making me happy! And energetic after every meal. I’m not so
      slow and tired now. So many people hate the word ” vegan ” but I love it,
      it is just the best with the best food from out lady the earth.

    2. Karina Cerros says:

      + Amber Person You are so right!!!! That’s what I was about to say! He
      should do the science behind Meat and Dairy there’s nothing really healthy
      about it!

    3. Dragonfyre26 says:

      +Amber Person Don’t be rude… Also, meat is fine, if ya are eating all the
      right stuff with it, a big cut of meat can be DEEEElicious.

    4. Mack Brock says:

      +Amber Person Science shows that meat and veggies digest at roughly the
      same rate. Depending on the person it only takes a few hours to pass
      through the stomach. (AsapaScience actually has a video on digestion as

  18. Spoflash says:

    i lost more than 45 lbs in 3 months eating for breakfast: rusk with jelly
    (70 calories) and a glass of sweet tea with no sugar ( 1 calorie), for
    lunch: vegetables and ham (about 120 calories), for dinner: yogurt (140
    calories). The key is to avoid sugar.. and when your eating chicken, remove
    the skin because thats where the calories are.?

  19. Luka Cordedda says:

    no! don’t eat dairy it has hormones in it that are meant for weight gain.
    and don’t EVER restrict calories, you will stuff up your metabolism and it
    will have a long-term impact on your health health?

    1. Maaz Patel says:

      look we’re arguing about MILK on a youtube comment section 😛 I’m getting
      bored of it

    2. Akalion says:

      +Maaz Patel Great refutation

    3. Maaz Patel says:


  20. Stuffy McCuffin says:

    No! You need to eat vegan.?

    1. Waist Not (Stefanie Harbeson) says:

      Most everyone here is half correct. We evolved a tolerance for eating meat,
      but we don’t need it. After the development of tools, we gained the ability
      to hunt, but even in paleo times the human diet was veggie-centric and meat
      was an occasional treat. If it weren’t for tools, humans wouldn’t eat
      meat—we aren’t very capable hunters without tools and we can’t eat most
      types of meat raw, which is very unlike natural carnivores.

      The only thing people get from meat that they can’t get from plants is LDL
      cholesterol. There are tons of other sources for protein (almonds, beans,
      quinoa, even spinach and broccoli have decent amounts of protein), and
      really the average person doesn’t need as much protein as most people seem
      to think. On average, the typical western diet actually has too much
      protein, which can cause an array of problems. The “where do you get your
      protein without meat” argument is pretty void, given current research.

      Going vegan can be expensive, but it can also be extremely cost-effective
      if you’re not loading up on junk food or processed foods targeted towards
      vegans/vegetarians. Steaks can costs as much as $10-$15 each (sometimes
      more, depending on cut and quality), while apples are around $1-$2 a pound,
      bananas are around 60¢ a pound, broccoli is around $1.50 a pound, and so
      on—more volume for less buck. That $15 could go towards one steak or a few
      days worth of produce.

      Vegan doesn’t automatically mean healthy, though. Heck, Oreos are actually
      vegan, but they’re definitely not healthy. Vegan eating can be an excellent
      route to health and weight loss if done right, but it’s definitely not the
      only route. All that being said, as a nutritionist I feel that a person’s
      diet is a personal choice, and whether or not they want to eat meat and
      other animal products is entirely up to them. When giving out nutrition and
      diet advice, I base it around what a person’s preferences are, rather than
      telling them there’s only one right way.

      I personally adhere to an 80% vegan diet—it’s how I dropped 75 pounds in 7
      months and got rid of PCOS, pre-diabetes, and thyroid issues—but that’s not
      something that works for everyone. Diet is a much more personal choice than
      many people realize, and it’s definitely not one size fits all. I’m very
      pro-vegetarian/vegan eating, but I would never try to tell someone it’s the
      one and only way they must live.

    2. sandpitturtle says:

      Sweetie humans are omnivores, not herbivores. We need both meat and plants
      to survive. Yes, eating veggies and plants are good for you but you also
      need your protein from meat. Not just from the earth.

    3. ImeratorNex2296 says:

      +Stuffy McCuffin Veganism is such a cult. Seriously, going vegan is good
      for the environment, sure, but you’re at a disadvantage healthwise.

      Also, losing bodyweight/fat =/= eating healthy. You can lose weight on a
      diet of soda and chocolate. You’ll probably die from other health issues,
      but you can lose weight at the same rate as other methods. It’s all
      calories in->calories out. Why do you think bodybuilders bulk up on
      bascially anything, even McDonalds?

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