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Secret Drink to lose Belly Fat Natural Way!!!

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This Drink helps you to loose the Stomach fat throughout time.
Please remember you could not loose belly fat by doing fad diet and just by diet plan. Bit of workout is needed and also you need to take food inning accordance with your calorie consumption.( Differs from one person to another).


1. A couple of Garlic Cloves.
2. Luke warm water.
3. Honey.
4. Newly chopped Lemon.

Approach of Preparation:–.

1. Squeeze fresh cut lemon right into like warm water after taking seeds and mix Honey to it.
2. Eat Garlic Cloves First and afterwards take this Blend.
3. Or Blend the garlic cloves with this mixture as well as Consume daily on Vacant belly.

Pointer to loose Tummy fat Rapid:- Drink at least a couple of litres of water to loose unwanted fat.

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53 thoughts on “Secret Drink to lose Belly Fat Natural Way!!!

  1. shaazia shahzad says:

    i wanna lose my belly fat without losing weight…does it work?

    1. FoodLovers says:

      +shaazia shahzad yes it will

  2. CarderDusk2 says:

    If you guys want to increase your chances to losing weight then drink LOTS
    of water and if you have any Lemons/cucumbers cut some up into thin slices
    and put them in your water. Plus try to eat spicy foods if you can so it
    will make you use the bathroom.(ps always use the bathroom BEFORE you weigh
    yourself. On time I weighed myself before I went to the bathroom and then I
    weighed myself AFTER I went to the bathroom and the difference was almost a
    whole pound! ) Anyway, good luck everyone!! ??????

    1. Beebe Brako says:

      CarderDusk2 thanks

    2. Lara Croft says:

      Ways To Reduce That Paunch

    3. I'm a whore says:

      CarderDusk2 I don’t have a weighing thing ;(

    4. CarderDusk2 says:

      +Med Karim lol

    5. ADK GR says:

      thank you

  3. Arooj Kanwal says:

    Can i use it without garlic? And is it necessary to use it empty stomach??

    1. FoodLovers says:

      yes u can. and should be taken on an empty stomach

  4. Crybaby says:

    Geez. Nobody updates. I tried for myself for 2 months, as it said, and I
    lost 3 1/2 inches of bellyfat, but I didn’t change my diet. It definitely
    works if you have a good diet along with it, but do it for 2 months

    1. Crybaby says:

      +Emma Wilson Weight as well, about 2 pounds.

    2. kavya reddy says:

      Princess Luna

    3. Emma Wilson says:

      Did you lose weight elsewhere or just your tum 🙂

  5. Julie “JulieTheRockChick” hermiz says:

    It does work but you have to follow the instructions properly and drink it
    on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Buy some fresh parsley and
    chew it after drinking this, it will neutralise the smell and taste of the
    garlic plus it has good health benefits. Wait about half an hour before you
    brush your teeth and use a mouth wash?

    1. Proud Muslimah says:

      lol thanks guys ????

    2. Julie “JulieTheRockChick” hermiz says:

      +Amber Martinez Yes it’s ok to eat after. I eat about an hour after just to
      give it chance to work ‘its magic’ on an empty stomach

    3. It's just Amber says:

      Is it ok to eat after drinking this

    4. zafira ali says:

      +jake Burnicks did you lose weight and how much did you lose

    5. MexicanPride226 says:

      +Proud Muslimah water that is half cold and half hot. in the middle. it
      shouldnt burn your fingers when you touch it. like taking a bath

  6. Babulal Rajan says:

    for your information :

    It was a combination of “luke” and “warm,” and the “luke” part was an
    alteration of the Middle English word lew, which meant tepid. Tepid means
    neither hot nor cold…or about room temperature. In fact, tepid is a synonym
    for lukewarm, becauselukewarm is used to mean neither hot nor cold.?

    1. MY SILLY old Cats says:

      1000 likes for you

    2. Sarath Sunil says:

      gr8 info for me too! lol that out. ROFL

    3. Frances Rivera says:

      thank u

  7. Al Walid says:

    i didn’t even put garlic and it still works reason because i’m allergic to

  8. Shrutee Shubhangi says:

    Can I make this drink without honey? Please reply?

    1. FoodLovers says:

      +Shrutee Shubhangi yes u can drink without honey also

    2. FoodLovers says:

      +Shrutee Shubhangi yes u can drink without honey also

    3. FoodLovers says:

      +Shrutee Shubhangi yes u can drink without honey also

    4. FoodLovers says:

      +Shrutee Shubhangi yes u can drink without honey also

  9. Jesus love you says:

    finnaly something I can get easily. but why didn’t he use the garlic ??

    1. fenhen says:

      he said chew the garlic first and then drink the mixed water

    2. Angel aguiar says:

      He doesn’t need to lose weight . He was just showing what to do .

  10. Super Animation 99 Morales says:

    does it work before bed also??

  11. Diana Velazquez says:

    do you swallow the garlic? or just chew.. and does it taste bad??

  12. Ryan Metcalfe says:

    I Googled the “fizy unique plan” and it seemed like a smart idea to try it.
    I began dropping body weight almost straightaway. My friend tried this
    guide and shed 10 lbs!?

  13. Janecy Cerbo says:

    I just started this morning i’ll update if it works, hopefully it will :)?

  14. Emsm Jacob says:

    I have tried numerous Weight loss Teas but nothing come close to the
    quality, taste, effectiveness, and aroma of “WeightLossGreenStoreTea ” 4th
    product I’m reviewing in my entire shopping history. This Tea is so far
    great. It cleanses as well as suppresses your appetite. It tastes great. My
    food allergies are gone and my skin is clearing up already. I’ve only been
    taking it for a short period but the results are excellent. Good product.
    Many thanks Weight loss green store.?

  15. Darshan Angadi says:

    In how many days we can loose our weight??

  16. Debbie Vidal says:

    I couldnt poss chew raw garlic; my breath would stink and my work
    colleagues would avoid me :(?

    1. Chief Sachin says:

      take a chewing gum..

    2. Julie “JulieTheRockChick” hermiz says:

      +sma art studio Thanks for that.

    3. sma art studio says:

      chew cardamom while moving to work

    4. Diana Brantley says:

      Fresh raw parsley, chew it. It gets rid of bad breath

    5. Julie “JulieTheRockChick” hermiz says:

      +Debbie Vidal Chew raw parsley, it neutralises the odour in the garlic and
      is good for you

  17. anita dutoit says:

    how long would this take to work??

  18. Muhammad Asif says:

    i lost wait just for drinking lemoned water with empty stomatch every

    1. zafira ali says:

      how much kg did you lose

    2. ram sidd says:

      i have some acidity problem. so if i drink this on an empty stomach , does
      it cause heart burn.?

    3. Roj Baruah (REaLMoNeYGReEDy) says:

      +sphuith i wake up eat 3 garlics and then drink the lemoned water and then
      have breakfast and then excercise for 2 hours and then come back eat raw
      vegetables and then eat oots and then like at 4 pm or 5 pm whenever i feel
      hungry i eat fried chicken and then in dinner i eat brown rice and boiled
      chicken or fish and anytime between the day when i feel hungry i eat egg
      whites and drink milk before sleep and in breakfast

    4. Muhammad Asif says:

      +sphuith When I wake up I drink lemoned water and after 10-15 I do my
      breakfast. The diet program for me was “eat as less as I can” and also I
      did exercise with this.

    5. sphuith says:

      How long did you do this before you saw results? and did you make any other
      changes like in your diet, exercise? btw, good for you losing all that
      weight (although I am not sure, how much that is)….I am really struggling
      with the last 10 pesky pounds.

  19. HEALTH IS LIFE says:

    nice video?

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