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Stars Who Were Forced To Lose Weight For Hollywood

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Stars have to bear with some real indignities sometimes, and not constantly simply obtaining Evian when they asked for Perrier. It's not unusual to listen to points like "you're also fat" from their producers, directors, and representatives. Below are some circumstances when celebs were forced to lose weight for job.

Amy Schumer|0:21
Carrie Fisher|1:06
Gigi Hadid|1:39
Nia Vardalos|2:20
Margaret Cho|3:09
Judy Garland|4:15
Jennifer Lawrence|5:06
Jason Segel|5:39

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68 thoughts on “Stars Who Were Forced To Lose Weight For Hollywood

  1. Nicki Swift says:

    What other celebrity weight loss stories would you like to see us cover

    1. Christianne Lewis says:

      Chris Pratt

    2. angelleftwing says:

      Anne Hathaway.

    3. Halpin2006 says:

      John Goodman, when he played Babe Ruth

    4. Teresa McKeown says:

      Emily Hope

  2. Jazzy Moni says:

    The Judy Garland one was horrifying. Poor woman was physically and
    psychologically abused. 80 cigarettes a day?? Uppers & downers in 4 hour
    increments? Damn. No wonder she was so destroyed in the end. Sad.?

    1. Skylah Blouin says:

      baddogonline yea but what you are not getting in the 30s she was under aged
      so she had no choice and by the time of the 40s she had been addicted to
      them and she tried to get help but the studios wanted her working so then
      she just got worst

    2. baddogonline says:

      +SallyTheSeahorse So, Michael Jackson’s doctor did the same thing as the
      studio doctors from the 1930’s and 40’s. They gave the stars what they

    3. Skylah Blouin says:

      Semoine Sykes you have no idea she was treated horrible At MGM

  3. S Mal-Dick says:

    80 cigarettes a day? No wonder everyone from that gen who smoked got lung

    1. Anita Høiland says:

      She died young from alcoholism and drugs, jeez. Her story is a tragic one.

    2. Rebecca Lucas says:

      I was thinking the same thing!! Great way to destroy a beautiful voice.

  4. bakar billionaire says:

    if gigi is fat wat I’m I then?

    1. Lydia Moon says:

      bakar billionaire she wasn’t really fat they just said she had to loose a
      lot of muscle

    2. Mandi C says:

      If she’s fat I’m considered morbidly obese in their eyes lol even though
      I’m in a healthy weight range

    3. Dennise Danny says:

      bakar billionaire obese

  5. Kelly kay says:

    Didn’t Jennifer Lawrence say she would never lose weight for a movie? I
    guess it’s different when you want a paycheck?

    1. Nadiya Nanoha says:

      Ascendants of Destiny Hm?:)

    2. Ascendants of Destiny says:

      Nadiya Nanoha ?

    3. MikaylaInaHole says:

      She said she’d never let people do that again. That was probably the film
      that started her “I won’t diet for a part”

    4. Nadiya Nanoha says:

      Kelly kay Yeah all the talk about pizza and bread and potatoes:) But she
      likes to talk:)

    5. Jerry Sonett says:

      Kelly kay she still eats whatever she wants, when she wants, but being
      skinny doesn’t mean she can’t have the unhealthy foods she likes, she just
      does a ton of exercise

  6. l.xtasy says:

    so this is how it works….they have a perfectly normal healthy woman there
    and they force her to go on ridiculous diet to creat even more ridiculous
    beauty standard so the rest of us would feel like crap for being…i don’t
    know….perfectly normal women?

    1. AlwaysDreaming says:

      @gayboybottom ok but you do realize since the 60s that percentage of men
      who are overweight has been steady, and it’s more recently that the female
      population have seen a jump in numbers. About 73% of men are considered
      overweight so I think Americans in general are just “fat pigs.” I associate
      those rising numbers to the mass production of cheap foods that are
      appealing to families trying to save money and save time in order to keep
      up with the higher demand from jobs, parent life, and/or school life in
      more recent times.

    2. NotYourBro says:

      l.xtasy So what do you mean be temporary solution anyways?

    3. famousstar796 says:

      Unfortunately this is too true.

    4. Omar Nasser says:

      +l.xtasy ok

    5. l.xtasy says:

      nope….that was for notyourbro

  7. James Crayton says:

    Any who calls Jennifer Lawrence and Carrie Fisher fat are wankers. They
    don’t need to lose weight.?

    1. famousstar796 says:

      I love your response. Wankers too cool.

    2. Carly Tumbles says:

      none of them needed to…

    3. MattBoss 379 says:

      James Crayton so true

  8. Luke Easton says:

    If Gigi lost anymore weight, she would dissapear.?

    1. Diet Coke says:

      Then Eugenia Cooney doesn’t exist anymore

    2. noemistephanie93 says:

      Luke Easton lol true

    3. keziah wanjiku says:

      Luke Easton j

    4. Arielle Sw says:


  9. Jasmine Velasquez says:

    Everyone acts like Jennifer Lawrence is so empowered for not wanting to
    lose weight for the Hunger Games, but her actual character in the movie is
    supposed to be living in a famine where food is scarce. It wasn’t really an
    absurd demand?

    1. Gamer Guy says:

      +Simon Peggle the movies sucked but the books were actually pretty good

    2. Simon Peggle says:

      I’m on Lawrence’s side here. Why lose weight for a series of awful film
      adaptations of an awful book series that plagiarized from a better,
      message-heavier Japanese novel and film adaptation?

    3. Fangirl 1992 says:

      +Jasmine Velasquez excuse me don’t be mean it’s just a suggestion

    4. Fangirl 1992 says:

      Jasmine Velasquez They could of made an edit to make them thinner

  10. dankdami says:

    Logerfeld looks like a diseased foreskin what place does he have talking
    about beauty?

    1. dankdami says:

      yell at me more papi

    2. SallyTheSeahorse says:

      His name is *KARL LAGERFELD*.

    3. baddogonline says:

      I find it ironic that if you call a women fat or ugly, then all the
      Feminists respond by calling the man talentless and looking like a
      “foreskin”. Fact is… no one is MORE successful or famous in the fashion
      industry than, Logerfeld. He’s been around for decades. Plus, he looks
      good for age 83. The problem is women think they control all the sexual
      power. But, MEN will continue to refuse to give up their share. So, if a
      woman is fat and ugly, it is NOT the Feminist’s job to try and trick men
      into eating their load of horseshit. Men have a right to decide for
      themselves what they think is attractive. And, fat, ugly women is NOT it.

    4. famousstar796 says:

      Exactly and he wouldn’t know fashion if it dropped on his head like a piano.

    5. Jane Smith says:

      *Virtual High Five* Coming at ya…Hahahaha

  11. At's Mukbang Eating Show says:

    The only one I feel sorry for is Judy Garland. That was abuse. The rest of
    them, they are in an industry where appearance is everything and they want
    the agencies and producers to be interested in them so they have to be
    aware of meeting the criteria set out by the industry.?

    1. meep meep says:

      +AngelicBaby there is something to be said for both sides, but you can’t
      realistically say that had Hollywood spent the last 100 years pushing forth
      the idea that overweight people are attractive, consumers would eat that
      right up. Studios would’ve gone out of business if they did that. We don’t
      tune into the Olympics just for the competition either, but to watch lean
      and athletic people perform their sport.

      In my opinion it comes down to our evolutionary psyche, and it’s that lean
      people project an aura of health and youthfulness which is of course

    2. At's Mukbang Eating Show says:

      +AngelicBaby Excellent point.

    3. AngelicBaby says:

      But the consumers wouldn’t have had the idea unless media put it out there
      in the first place. So really, it’s back to the whole question of which
      came first? The chicken or the egg?

    4. meep meep says:

      It’s not even so much the standard set by the industry, but that the
      average Bob and Jane see skinny girls on tv as more attractive. The
      standard isn’t set by Hollywood, but by the consumers.

  12. MsSunhappy says:

    poor judy. nobody should do that to a child. child actors and actress are
    such a sad group, only certain people can go through it unscatched. most of
    them when the parents are not some fame hungry monsters, but a lot of child
    actors do the job cos the parents make them to.?

    1. Cindy Cao says:

      MsSunhappy Yes, although she was at a time when all of that was acceptable.
      This was mostly on her mom. Her mom was the one that really managed her
      career and most likely really made her do that. That’s probably a big
      reason why Garland died of a drug overdose.

  13. ron bZoom says:

    So you’re being paid millions of dollars to partake in what you already
    know is the most shallow image conscious industry on earth. We feel your
    pain. Sniff…sniff…?

    1. ron bZoom says:

      I believe all people should be treated with dignity and respect. I also
      understand that celebrities are very easy critical targets. But given the
      mind-blowing compensation some of these stars receive for what they do,
      trimming up for a role, while challenging, isn’t asking too much. Besides,
      why would someone sign up to be a trapeze artist if they’re afraid of

    2. eleiraeel says:

      So just because people are rich, they deserve to be treated like less of a
      human? What, are you saying people’s respect should directly correlate with
      wealth? I know plenty of crap face people on both sides of the spectrum and
      plenty of wonderful people on both sides too that don’t deserve to be
      treated any less than anyone else

    3. Yash says:

      oh it’s not like these movies are made for the consumption of the general
      public right? because the public is soooo accepting of round girls and

  14. Veronica Williams says:

    Now 80 cigars a day is f*cked up?

    1. Viola Vega says:

      yeah wtf!!

  15. Mark Law says:

    all hypocrities because none stood by their word. all lost weight. so who’s
    the real winner? the persons who told them to lose weight and they did.?

    1. Mark Law says:

      +THX 1138 ok

    2. THX 1138 says:

      ‘That’s cuz nobody wants to see round women on the catwalk.

  16. SirSmurfalot says:

    Imagine that…appearance matters in the film industry.?

    1. Coco Von says:

      yes, and everywhere really, except Latin America and in black communities
      where the bigger the booty, the better

  17. Arisha Fatima says:

    They had the choice not to lose the weight to stand by their self
    confidence and word if they wanted to. But they lost the weight, so nothing
    changed and the real winners turned out to be the people who told them to
    lose the weight. They did not stop the vicious cycle, did they??

    1. eleiraeel says:

      i think they sacrificed their will so they could have a job…they didn’t
      exactly have a choice. Do what producers want or else you get fired and
      they find someone else more willing to take your part

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