The Tragedy That Motivated One Woman to Lose Weight | Where Are They Now? | Oprah Winfrey Network | | Phentermine37.5 - No. 1 Diet pill is Phen375

The Tragedy That Motivated One Woman to Lose Weight | Where Are They Now? | Oprah Winfrey Network

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When 34-year-old twins Mary and Ruth appeared on The Oprah Show in 2005, Mary was 300 extra pounds larger than her sis. While Mary said she always seemed like “the fat double,” Ruth consumed over her own weight as well as battled eating problems. During the show, Ruth admitted to being humiliated by her sibling’s over-eating, and also Mary’s boy shared his worries about his mother’s weight. Then, six years later on, a destructive disaster eventually pressed Mary to take control of her wellness. Watch her psychological upgrade. For much more on #WhereAreTheyNow, visit



Regarding Where Are They Now:
Their stories made headings across America. Currently, the original collection Oprah: Where Are They Now? find the Oprah Program guests who made you laugh … and also made you cry. Find out where they are now, plus see what took place to the most significant newsmakers of all time as well as how their lives altered after sudden popularity and notoriety transformed their globes upside-down.

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The Misfortune That Motivated One Female to Slim down|Where Are They Currently|Oprah Winfrey Network

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35 thoughts on “The Tragedy That Motivated One Woman to Lose Weight | Where Are They Now? | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. Fernanda M says:

    I am crying so much right now?

    1. OWN says:

      This video is very touching; her story was touching enough already, but to
      have such a tragedy strike her family is very sad. But, sometimes tragedy
      is what causes us to rise up and inspires something positive. For more
      inspiration, check out this clip:

      OWN ~ Claire

  2. ZosiaSamosiaOo says:

    That “sister” Ruth is truly ruth-less!!! How can you discourage and shame
    your own sister like that? That’s truly not going to make it better, the
    woman needed support to gain strength and motivation in the first place.?

    1. Lia G says:

      ZosiaSamosiaOo yes

  3. A Emery says:

    He saved her life when he lost his. ??

    1. Emma J says:

      A Emery thats a beautiful way to see it. thank you for saying that i think
      its so beautiful

    2. Kelsey Matthews says:


  4. Shawnie Campbell says:

    He seemed like such a sweet boy and that’s so sad. I have four boys of my
    own and I cannot imagine losing one of them. I love them so much and my
    life would be lost and pointless without them. I applaud her for losing
    some weight and getting healthier…but I hope she’s doing it for HERSELF
    as well…and not just because she lost her son. <3?

    1. OWN says:

      We agree, it was definitely an emotional journey but glad that she was able
      to improve her health. If you enjoyed this clip, feel free to watch more
      Where Are They Now? clips here:

      OWN – Sloan

  5. Phinix says:

    Now Mary looks better than her sister…?

  6. lola bigcups says:

    Their weight issues are a direct result of the mom picking one twin over
    the other. Life is already hard but it is unbearable for a woman when her
    own mother thinks shes ugly.?

    1. kris lanc says:

      yes that didn’t help at all

    2. Happy Kid says:

      +Big Daddy Doob 😉

    3. Big Daddy Doob says:

      +Happy Kid
      yeah 20 years ago

  7. lynsays channal says:

    Mary has a prettier face than her sister?

  8. Lacy Hopkins says:

    Wow. I’m really proud of this woman!?

    1. OWN says:

      Very inspirational, isn’t it? Out of the sorrow rises the strength. This
      clip certainly has touch a lot of souls as it deals with forgiveness, loss
      and empowerment. We are so happy that even though she lost her son, she was
      able to live on his memory and accomplish what she’s always been working
      towards for so long. For more powerful moments like this, check out this

      OWN ~ Claire

  9. Trueblue777 says:

    Wow! Mary’s Twin sister looks way older then Mary now…what a sad but
    happy story… I feel so hurt for the loss of her son… She looks great
    and she’s doing amazing! I’m sure her son is looking down on her smiling
    and so proud of her! God Bless this family…. ??

    1. justkhail says:


  10. Barbie Pena says:

    omg i cant believe she lost her baby… so sad for her :-(?

    1. googooberries says:

      ikr. Sometimes I wish I had left before my mom. it sucks

    2. Little Punk says:

      That part hit me

  11. Nasser A says:

    One thing you can learn of this video.. that you will never know what’s
    going to happen.. He was afraid that he’s mom going to die because she’s
    fat but he did. Die before her in a car accident.. we shouldn’t make other
    people’s life harder that’s not the way to support a person by telling him
    that I you’re going to die because of your weight or being ashamed of !! I
    don’t know when people will stop judging others based on how they look.. or
    lifestyle.. we can try helping others in more sensitive way.. being harsh
    and judgmental never helped fixing problems or be a good motivational

  12. Rain Bowens says:

    sorry for your loss I’m disgusted by the skinny twin how dare she?

  13. ATL ••• says:

    Her sister looks so much worse than her now, I’m proud of her!?

    1. Jay The Ash tRay says:

      I know! Ruth refuses to age gracefully.

  14. Ladi Hawke says:

    Just broke my heart about her son!! So glad she’s getting healthy!?

  15. The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri says:

    420lbs 8)?

  16. jedimomma says:

    my heart breaks for her in the loss of her baby. im glad for her though
    that she used that pain and greif and turned her life around?

  17. Tay E says:

    What is up with these freakin where r they now shows? I’m balling my eyes
    out at work right now!!!?

    1. Greys says:

      do your work.

    2. Krista Gibson says:

      I think they’re interesting!

  18. Antonio Farfan says:

    ???? Heeeey Friendds I Have F0unddd Greattt Guideeee On Weight Lose visitt
    : –

  19. unicornstruggle says:

    I felt so bad for that woman. from being downright fat-shamed since she was
    a little girl and compared to her sister, it’s obvious how she feels about
    her weight.?

  20. lorna young says:

    Crying so hard, can’t believe her son died ????

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