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The10 Best Exercises to Lose Weight

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The Reduced Glycemic Diet The workouts in this video clip mainly cover exercises for the abs, buttock exercises, and a few breast exercises.

Great … animated personalities do exercises that include pictures of muscle groups which are being made use of along with correct breathing strategies.

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34 thoughts on “The10 Best Exercises to Lose Weight

  1. Nidhi Arora says:

    Feet on the ground in the first one n not in the air, plz! or, plz tell!
    Also, in the first one wrong breathing is shown! Always inhale when u go up
    n exhale when u come down!?

  2. Joe Quinn says:

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  3. wojtek0000 says:

    What a joke. Burning max calories: 1. squat 2. deadlift 3. pull up/chin
    ups. Any compound movement that works large/multiple muscle groups. This
    video is laughable.?

    1. halina slama says:

      wojtek0000 qq

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  4. Walter Bruce says:

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  5. Vishal Grg says:

    different exercises for male and female ??

    1. swarnalatha sundar says:


  6. Jolanta Kurek says:


    1. Chaitra S says:

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  7. Margarita Cruz Navarro says:

    Por favor, subtitulos en español.?

  8. dr Seema Bhandari says:

    pl I want ..flat fit belly …hehe?

  9. Elena Rusu says:

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  10. Constance Singleton says:

    Like how the muscles involved are shown and the breathing pattern. Great

    1. Marlene Hibbard says:


  11. Habib khan says:


  12. Kamal Unawane says:

    Please suggest some belly fat reduce exercise for 50+females .?

  13. Deep Singh says:

    very helpful video?

    1. Jerukcrafter video says:

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      this blog
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  14. Chinquitella says:

    do you have the stretchers?

  15. Cecel Herosa says:


  16. Bill Owens says:


  17. Ayurved Ke Gharelu Nuskhe - Hindi says:

    Your video is nyce…but but …Weight loss green store tea helped me lose
    weight a lot faster than just exercise and its made me very happy!?

    1. kepo an says:

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  18. darkaquatus says:

    Who actually believes this crap? Honestly, we should show this video to
    everyone, line up those who believe it, and then send them all off to an
    island somewhere.?

    1. darkaquatus says:

      +xXKaran#*Xx Idiot

  19. utpal sharma says:


  20. Norton Kelly says:

    the only way these exercises will help lose weight is if they were done in
    a high intensity/timed tension, with very little or no rest, and repeated,
    I wouldn’t include any type of crunch or reverse crunch as they aren’t
    effective even for stomach muscles let alone calorie burning, the floor
    wipers would be good, the crunches and reverse crunches I would swap for
    mountain climbers or plank type exercise,I’d swap the hip extensions for a
    squat of some type, a jump squat or jump lunge, better for the lower body,
    butt and cardio effect,?

    1. Waqas5922 says:

      and what will you alternate for Push throughs and Bridges….?

    2. lordoftehnoob says:

      +Nikita Panomarew Thanks for that bit of info, yea.

    3. Nikita Panomarew says:

      +lordoftehnoob it mainly comes down to your heart beat rate and not to rest
      or no rest. you need to keep your heart beat rate at 60% of your maximal
      rate at low intensity period, and 90% of your maximal heart beat rate at a
      high intensity period. if your heart beat rate goes over 90% then you need
      to rest until it comes down. when you need 10 minutes to rest to get your
      heart beat down, then you need to rest for 10 minutes.

      maximal heart beat rate is calculated like this: 220 – your age = maximum
      heart rate. if you are 30 years old then 220-30=190. so your heart beat
      should not exceed 171 BPM

    4. lordoftehnoob says:

      +Norton Kelly so doing these in low intensity and taking intermittent
      breaks doesn’t help you in losing weights?

    5. koko channel says:

      +TheSeliMD I don’t have a partner…how’s that for a say

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