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Update on Weightloss with Phentermine 37.5 & Crochet Faux Locs

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Ways to drop weight fast, Hey ya'll here are the statistics on my weightloss from time I started till currently
Beginning weight- 294 current weight- 275
the hair I have in by Freetress-Soft Faux Loc 20"
wish to discover how to cornrow- Beautycanbraid

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42 thoughts on “Update on Weightloss with Phentermine 37.5 & Crochet Faux Locs

  1. Twalk Da Hulk says:

    hreat job losing 20lbs keep it up LIKED! Come do the same and hopefully my
    vids help u out on your journey!?

    1. mizzpurdy4018 says:

      thank ya sir, I’ll check out your new vids

    2. Twalk Da Hulk says:

      +mizzpurdy4018 thanks maybe we can link on something in the future

  2. Jaimell Johnson says:

    they come in another version I guess you could say they are called silk

    1. mizzpurdy4018 says:

      Oh maybe I missed them or they didn’t have any in stock, I’ll look for the
      silky ones though, thank you.

    2. Jaimell Johnson says:

      +mizzpurdy4018 no problem I like the more natural one’s myself but the
      silky one’s are definitely lighter as far as weight goes

  3. MADAME DON says:

    Exercise is only 20% of weightless, 80% is diet. Don’t give up, you CAN
    lose weight without exercising.?

    1. mizzpurdy4018 says:

      lawd baby I’m trying but I just don’t know what to eat,I’m tired of salads
      and chicken breast lol

    2. Bookie A says:

      This is sooo true! I’m on phentermine too and I’ve lost almost 25 lbs in 3
      months, I brisk walk for 20 mins three times a week. I know I shouldn’t
      check my weight daily but I’ve noticed for the most part I notice I lose
      weight more rapidly when I stay under a certain calorie count. When I eat
      what’s considered my typical daily caloric intake (1,600 to maintain) and I
      work out that day, I don’t see that much of a change but when I intake
      1,100 to 1,200 calories with no exercise I see a quicker loss.

    3. zay and jay productions says:

      +mizzpurdy4018 As far as finding stuff to eat you download the Pinterest
      app and look up ideas on what to eat while dieting. you will get a lot of
      ideas you can even Google ideas on what to eat I hope that helps

  4. Giselle Robles says:

    omg! okay so Im taking the pill as well, same prescription and tell me why
    I’m having weird dreams too! the part that got me is that you said people
    from your past and same! lol i woke up because the dream was just so weird!?

    1. mizzpurdy4018 says:

      yea the dreams were very weird and to real, there was a few times I woke up
      and had to check like ok was this real or nah lol

  5. antoinettemur says:

    Hey gorgeous!! I love your hair! Me personally, I love the more natural
    look of locs. BTW keep pushing for your weightloss, you can do it hun!
    Either way you are beautiful :)?

    1. mizzpurdy4018 says:

      awww thank you so much hun….xoxo

  6. Nurse Neese says:

    Hey beautiful! Just be mindful of those packaged products they are full of
    sodium. You have got this!?

    1. mizzpurdy4018 says:

      thank you I will keep that in mind, I do try to look at the nutrition on
      the packages.

  7. JoLady1969 says:

    Looking good lady!! Those that complain about your videos evidently don’t
    know where the back button is on their computer/phone..smh.?

    1. mizzpurdy4018 says:

      thank you hun……..lawd yes they can hit the exit button…xoxo

  8. Stephanie Lee says:

    I’m lazy too. 😀 Eat more veggies and fruit. :)?

    1. mizzpurdy4018 says:

      I’ll try, thanks

  9. antoine streat says:

    where u been homie call me 4102946390?

    1. mizzpurdy4018 says:

      hey where u been? U dropped off the face of the earth.

    2. mizzpurdy4018 says:

      oh dang, I’m not gonna ask what happened, plus I don’t want your personal
      business posted for everyone to see, u can always private message me, but I
      hope things are ok.

    3. antoine streat says:

      will do hit me on fb i dent u a message

  10. Joyce Roquemore says:

    I need to learn how to do cornrows and make some hats.–ijs. Your hair
    looks great! I struggle with working out. Exercising is boring?

    1. mizzpurdy4018 says:

      Gurllll go watch that video of beautycanbraid and you’ll be cornrowing
      before you know it, and I agree exercising is boring lol

  11. Diana Doolittle says:

    i think your beautiful. anyway. you slice it,and you look like you lose
    weight. i can see it in your face,mizz purty plz do more earring. tutorials
    when you have time ty?

    1. mizzpurdy4018 says:

      thank you, I will try to do more tutorials its just very time consuming,
      but I’ll see what I can come up with.

  12. daughter2cma says:

    I enjoy your videos. Keep doing what you are doing. Don’t let the haters
    stop you from continuing making videos. Also, I experienced the same thing
    with the Phentermine 37.5. I too was hungrier than I was without taking
    them and it didn’t curb my appetite so I stopped taking them. Keep up the
    good work and we’ll win this weight battle one day. ??

    1. mizzpurdy4018 says:

      thank you sweetie, I had to take a break from the phentermine, I think my
      body was just getting used to it, now that I took a month off and restarted
      its working again, thank God, but yes hopefully we will win the battle


    I’m glad to see your videos. I stopped making videos years ago. it’s become
    too doggy dog.?

    1. mizzpurdy4018 says:

      thank you, yes things are different now on Youtube, its all a competition
      now, its not as fun as it used to be.

  14. zion28able says:

    They are cute?

  15. sofisticatedfey says:

    Yes the pill stops working that’s why when my doctor prescribed it to me it
    was in a 3 month cycle 2 months on 1 month off. I found it worked again
    after the break?

    1. mizzpurdy4018 says:

      yes your absolutely right, that’s what I did and the pills are back to
      working again.

  16. bjdesq says:

    I actually prefer this look to the silky ones. The Janet Collection crochet
    faux locs have a silky texture. I did my niece’s hair with the Janet
    Collection ones and ii turned out really cute, but I am looking for the
    more rough textured look. I plan to do my hair with the Freetress ones.
    Thanks for the review.?

    1. mizzpurdy4018 says:

      your welcome, I’ll have to try and find the silky ones.

  17. zay and jay productions says:

    you can even try YouTube for ideas.?

  18. Liz Avila says:

    Great Job I am also taking phentermine 37.5 Starting weight was 270
    Currently 230lbs. Im uploading my journey on YouTube as well Check out my
    page Please. 40lbs down 100 more to go. Also if you take them a full 5 days
    stop for 2 days and then take them every other day it works well because
    your body wont get use to it?

    1. xenathunder says:

      Good job. Great advice.

  19. Yvonne Jack says:

    they suit you?

  20. Ms. Education says:

    Great job on the locs and the weight loss. p.s. Where were you looking
    while filming??

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