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Weight loss healthy snack Sweet Potato Chip recipe

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Snacking is a wonderful method to maintain your metabolic rate going and also keep your energy degrees up via out the day. I choose to consume smaller more constant dishes and also healthy little snacks between meals, This is a fantastic system to have when attempting to drop those additional kilos. People have the false impression that snacking misbehaves for you … well it is if your mosting likely to sit on the sofa and go into a big bag of potato crisps or a snickers bar yet nibbling on wholesome snacks like these wonderful potato chips will actually help with those appetite desires and not make you feel guilty after that.
Pleasant potatoes are so underrated and they are such an awesome veggie, loaded with vitamins your body needs to keep in great wellness.

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Exactly what you require:.
Sweet potatoes.
Additional virgin olive oil.
Nicer slicer hand slicer or knife.
Oven mit.
Cooking paper or light weight aluminum foil.

Many thanks for watching guys.
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39 thoughts on “Weight loss healthy snack Sweet Potato Chip recipe

  1. xoFemmeBeauty says:

    Would love to see more vids like this! x?

  2. Only A Phase says:

    I found this very helpful and informative.
    If you did more of these types of videos and fitness videos that would be

    You’re a natural. ?

  3. BlushRushBeauty says:

    Is that thumbnail picture actually you??

    1. Danny Camilleri says:

      yes that is me.

  4. oljaaaaaaa says:

    Yuuum! Should replace the olive oil with another more high heat friendly
    oil though (ie coconut oil) – it’s carcinogenic when heated ๐Ÿ™‚ x?

    1. Danny Camilleri says:

      trying to use everything everyone has access to ๐Ÿ™‚


      oljaaaaaaa y



  5. Makeupbystephv says:

    and you suit this style of video, id love to see more cooking videos ๐Ÿ™‚ I
    really think its something youre good at?

    1. Danny Camilleri says:

      thank you steph x

    2. GlitterfulFoxers Ramirez says:

      Do u need that grill top

    3. Gary Brees says:

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    1. RadioFreeLondon says:

      +Gandalf Grey
      I dont really like chicks with such hard abs. I like softer birds. Mind you
      i just spunked to the chips Soooo?

    2. Gandalf Grey says:

      +RadioFreeEuropeInExile. u r so cool dude!

    3. RadioFreeLondon says:

      +Gandalf Grey
      Tell that to the Sweet potato crisps. They got the brunt of it.

    4. RadioFreeLondon says:

      +Gandalf Grey
      I just told my girlfriend it was ranch dressing. Let her have at it.

    5. Gandalf Grey says:

      +RadioFreeEuropeInExile. Lol!

  7. Tina Devily THOR says:

    what temperature in oven?? ( ยฐC) maybe I didmยดt hear that part ?? :)?

  8. ghada Alqahtani says:

    I’ll try it, thank you????

  9. Shela Berge says:

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    1. Sharri Collette says:

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  10. Saima Lenovo says:

    calories plz??

  11. Diana Labode says:

    I watched this video years ago but it definitely made an impact on me, I
    recently bought a nicer dicer and I actually was looking for this very
    video again today because I wanted to make some sweet potato chips ??? +

  12. queenofturtles16 says:

    on which temperature did you bake them??

  13. Sleepy Lovee says:

    Where did u buy the salt container ??

    1. Tina A says:

      I was thinking the very same thing.

  14. GlitterfulFoxers Ramirez says:

    Do u need that grill top?

  15. Ani Prince says:

    Do u come from Australia?

  16. Richie Griswold says:

    Salt is bad. The end.?

    1. Tina A says:

      Your body needs salt… it’s bad when you use too much.

    2. Richie Griswold says:

      Tina A Agreed. As always, everything in moderation. Just so many videos of
      ppl addin salt to healthy things…but again, I do agree w/ you.

    3. Tina A says:

      +Richie Griswold

  17. Henry Lozano says:

    You’re so beautiful omg…. I’m gonna try those sweet potato chips tho!
    They look delish!?

  18. Omar Orabi says:

    It is not healthy because of the salt?

  19. dajuan Williams says:

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  20. aya says:

    Your voice and accent oh my ????

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