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Weight Loss Transformation in 60 Days

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Update Dec 2014
View my most recent transformation images here

Fat burning Body Improvement in 60 Days. Beginning weight 97KG. I'm just an ordinary man utilizing straightforward straight technique to obtain fit. My final weight is 78KG on day 60. I'm still determine to maintain going till I attained just what was impossible onc – Six Pack!. The trick – Never Give Up!
Will upload much more videos and also images as well how to reduce weight formula … my diet regimen strategy and my exercise.

Rafi A.

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33 thoughts on “Weight Loss Transformation in 60 Days

  1. Benjámin Kurilla says:

    Mohamed Ali was a winner. He was asked once how many situps he makes? He
    said ~ ” I don’t know, I only start count when I can’t do anymore”?

    1. ZeroG says:

      Nope yap Nope yap Nope yap Nope yap

    2. Sayaboong Rai says:

      Benjámin Kurilla Nope

    3. Dezz Carter says:

      +Kamran Kayy (Kaammrraann) it’s the same things lmao you really didn’t need
      to reply

    4. Benjámin Kurilla says:


    5. ZeroG says:

      +Benjámin Kurilla nope

  2. gayatri tike says:


    1. Rafi Superbike says:


  3. Emil Johansson says:

    i dont understand why people disliked this video?

    1. Eric M. says:

      yeah I don’t understand either why someone would not like this video

  4. Wil Moon says:

    Children are amazing. They have an unconditional kind of love that our
    world destroys. That kind of love comes from God Almighty. He loves your
    family very much. I hope you and your whole family come to know the Living
    God, His love for each of you & His good plan for your lives. Jesus bless
    you and your family.?

    1. Wil Moon says:

      +nHereWeGO No one is good except Almighty God. Any goodness in me is from

    2. nHereWeGO says:

      u r a good man


    plzz tell me aftet workout …diets? ???

    1. Maynak Prasad says:

      unsaturated low sodium AIR 🙂

  6. Bo Allen says:

    ah where’s the after pic? very inspiring?

  7. aSa Siyaddeyy (aSa) says:

    keep up ! buddy ! greetings from maldives?

  8. Aditya Dubey says:

    change your pushup technique….best of luck?

  9. Waqar Zahid says:

    23 Y/o Male here. Almost 100 KG i think. Used to be 80 a few years ago,
    then reached 90, and now this… Junk food, Pepsi & laziness did this to
    me. Losing weight is a lot harder than gaining weight… I hope i can pull
    it off somehow. If i do, i will reply back to this comment. Wish me luck!?

    1. Saurav Ghosh says:

      It’s almost my first month, do you see any improvements now that you’re 2
      months in? And if you can say how much you lost that would be a great
      motivation for me.

  10. B?o Châu says:

    so motivated, thank you for sharing?

    1. curren phillips says:


  11. Swoll Arms says:

    Way to go my man! Way to go! Congrats!?

  12. tsunas says:

    How long did you run each day? Time and distance??

  13. BonziBuddy says:

    im fat im gonna do this for the better?

    1. osama zafar says:

      Good luck!

    2. Emil Johansson says:

      you dont look fat on your pic

  14. timelesstoanyone says:

    i come back here for motivation?

  15. Manohara T N says:

    that night shoT was FILMED IN CORNICHE ABU DHABI, I THINK.?

  16. Abhishek Sharma says:

    where is day 60?

  17. Stephan Seidler says:

    Thank you very much. It’s so motivating!?

  18. David Krishna says:

    Nice one keep it up. .?

    1. Rafi Superbike says:

      +David Krishna Tq bro

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