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What To Do When Your Diet Interferes With Fun

Start Losing Weight Today!

Do you have "food buddies"?

Gathering with friends and family often includes fun foods, like cake, ice cream, chips …

And now you wish to reduce weight as well as go on a diet plan.

Your diet could feel like a concern, or even worse yet, you could be afraid that your diet regimen will certainly damage your relationships.

This concern could cause anxiousness.

In this video clip, I share a basic means for you manage your anxiousness when fun and also weight loss seem to conflict.

It's quick and also simple, as well as leaves you feeling calmer in an instant.

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3 thoughts on “What To Do When Your Diet Interferes With Fun

  1. Margarita Holcomb says:

    Hi Becky,what about vacations when you’re away from home how would you go
    about staying on track?How do you eat clean when your in Vegas?

    1. Becky Gillaspy says:

      Hi Margarita, I talk about eating clean away from home in this post:

  2. Tom Hawks says:

    Hi my name is Lynn and I happened to get your video. I’m 50 and cut out pop
    and junk food including veggies salad beans act…. Been doing it for a
    week no weight loss. Why….. PS am 54 and @160 pounds?

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