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Why a Personal Trainer Gained 60 Pounds to Help His Client Lose Weight

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JJ Peterson has actually always been the picture of health and wellness however when he handled the task of helping a contestant slim down on TV, he did something impressive. Peterson actually obtained 60 pounds to make sure that he can recognize how it felt for the contestant, 389-pound Ray Stewart, to shed the weight on the A&E show “Fit To Fat To Fit.” To get the weight, Peterson consumed whatever in sight. It took him four months to gain the weight and then both men began their trip to get fit.

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32 thoughts on “Why a Personal Trainer Gained 60 Pounds to Help His Client Lose Weight

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  3. Anaileya Howard says:

    I still think that trainer is hot?

    1. Parker Binkley says:


    2. TheGamingBros says:


  4. SconnieKush says:

    Wish I could have a trainer like that?

    1. BEWARE OF TREX says:

      SconnieKush me too me too

  5. Andrew Matheson says:

    i think he is sexier with the 60 extra pounds?

  6. DanDann07 says:

    For some reason when the personal trainer was 60 more lbs, he looked like
    John Cena?

    1. Mad Koalas says:

      DanDann07 IKR

    2. DanDann07 says:

      +Maukka Takarautio You’re right, I won’t believe this because it is a virus
      and a scam.

    3. Maukka Takarautio says:

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    4. Lee Kennedy says:

      I couldn’t see him when he got fat

  7. yovel messer says:

    you guys ask why he did it in the title and answered it in the title?

  8. anthony lazard says:

    in high shool I would try gain weight for football so I ate tried around 4
    k or 5 cal when I can but nothing worked but my cholesterol suffered I’m
    not doing that stupid thing again I can’t even eat junk food it sucks?

    1. anthony lazard says:

      +Kurogane Tenzen yeah I do sometimes but salts hurt me worst thanks

  9. camaro guy says:

    4455 likes everyone will find 9,354,082?

  10. LyrickLMTV says:

    Those ab inserts tho ??

  11. DarkPhant0m13 says:

    I actually think the trainer looked better with the extra weight.. there’s
    such a thing as a happy medium?

  12. gia draws unicorns says:

    wow that guy went from “big” to a more normal size I hope thst doesn’t
    sound rude at all of it does I’m sorry…???

  13. ??? ?????? says:

    When you’re fat , you sexier.?

  14. Jorge Echevarria says:

    I wish someone would help me like that?

    1. ot5h says:

      Jorge Echevarria same

  15. Just A Little Puppy says:

    Imma start going to the gym, lol, to loose weight ????

  16. My fab l life says:

    awww that is a nice thing to do : D ??

  17. Kevin Mitchell says:

    I wish all personal trainers were like that.?

  18. Brittany Mayer says:


  19. George Sibley says:

    I thought the trainer looked better fat?

    1. drizz says:

      +George Sibley I thought so too!!

  20. Ralph Julius says:

    The trainer looks like Bruce Greenwood.?

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