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Why You Can’t Lose Weight

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It's more complicated than we assumed.

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86 thoughts on “Why You Can’t Lose Weight

  1. Arozura says:

    Despite studies Working out for me has actually improved my body so ¯*(?)*/
    wtf buzzfood?

    1. Polina Stoyanova says:

      Anyone loooking tooo loo?se weight quick should ch?ck this link out
      https://twitter.com/9bc961ec3892f7045/status/788632172043366400 Whyy You
      Caaaanâ t Lose Weight

    2. María Rodríguez says:

      +cool bro2 and did you try all that at the same time? Because that´s what
      you have to do all of ir at the same time. I also wonder what you can “veg
      & fruit” because knowing you Americans it means “potatoes & bananas”.

    3. cool bro2 says:

      +María Rodríguez I pay attention to I eat,Tried cal in,cal out..me: hard
      for me to eat only just small proportions..I tried eating veg & fruit my
      parents doesn’t give me vegetables & fruits..??

  2. Plaudible says:

    Buzzfeed deleting comments dayum?

    1. Noyon Noyon says:

      Just g? t? this w?bsit?
      th?t w?bsite has inf?rm?ti?n about G?r?ini? C?mb?gia. Dr ?z r???mmend?d
      that br?nd I order?d m? b?ttles fr?m th?t w?bsit?. Wh? You C?n’t L?s?

    2. Pretzel Stick says:

      +Pretzel Stick i meant orange chick.

  3. Gelenvader3 says:

    Okay so I’ve always been skinny and then I ate too much one summer and now
    I have a belly explain this yo?

    1. Kat Nova says:

      +Maggie Elizabeth Youngblood I said people say I’m skinny and they are
      Americans so yea, and yea I am a teen, and I just wanna be in shape so I
      can eat some junk food feel okay gain 1 pound and lose it in a day not so I
      can fit in my favourite pants or be attractive, etc. I JUST WANNA BE
      HEALTHY, and everyone thinks I’m becoming anorexic where I just wanna lose
      a couple pounds I gained this year and be healthy, you can’t lose too much
      weight by being healthy. (also answering to person who thinks I have a
      disorder and should seek help)

    2. Kat Nova says:

      +Maggie Elizabeth Youngblood Why do you think I’m 12 or 16?

    3. Maggie Elizabeth Youngblood says:

      +Kat Nova idk i’m pretty convinced you’re 12,or maybe 16

  4. Dynamite Grizzly says:


    1. Dynamite Grizzly says:

      +Tjasha Dol 800 is ridiculous. 1800-2000 maintains weight for the average
      adult. Cutting that to 1500 is easy, and unless you’re a swimmer, you’re
      likely not burning over 600 on a work out. An hour of running will burn 450
      at most.

    2. Tjasha Dol says:

      Dynamite Grizzly no you will not but if you workout a lot or being active
      you burn for example 500-600 or even more calories you will eat probably as
      always are saying everywhere 1400 calories or less there goes to with
      workout included consuming 800calories or less per day. This is starving

    3. Dynamite Grizzly says:

      You’re not going to be “starving” and dying by shaving 500 off your daily

  5. shima says:

    How can this video have so many likes to dislikes when the comment field is
    99% negative comments? Are Buzzfeed faking their like bar??

    1. mouwersor says:

      Or a lot of their die-hard fans don’t know how to type…

  6. Milkshakes says:

    as a fat person, i cant accept this. im going to keep trying to do my best
    to lose this weight.?

    1. queen gahwekazi says:

      all you gotta do is not think about it as losing weight you MUST think
      about it as changing your life habits forever.

    2. breakingdawn97mc says:

      +singing sarah for one if you have a phone download the myfitnesspal app.
      You can keep track of what you eat. Also buy a small scale and make sure to
      weigh the food you eat so you know how many calories are in it. Burn more
      then you eat and you should start to loose weight however it is not a fast
      process healthy weight loss is considered to be under 3 lb a week. Water is
      your friend drinking lots of soda is just empty calories. You can loose
      weight if you really set your mind to it. It just usually isnt a fast
      process and remember if you start dieting and eating healthy and then you
      stop eating healthy once you loose the weight you will probably gain it
      back. You can do it!

    3. Sarahu says:

      +Milkshakes hey I am overweight for someone who is 5’4 can u help me on how
      u lost 30 pounds ?I’m trying to loose 20 lbs ?

    4. Milkshakes says:

      +Carley’s Camera thank you for believing in me! ?

    5. Carley says:

      YAY! So happy for you! I knew you could do it!!!!!!

  7. 123melbell says:

    No. Okay. No. Obesity is NOT just how you are and what’s your body supposed
    to look like.?

    1. Sophie Garret says:

      123melbell that’s obesity having a little fat here and there isn’t that bad
      as long as you are healthy

    2. Josh M says:

      +Pache Benitez Medication fixes any metabolic disorder.

    3. Josh M says:

      +Camisoncamera Official wrong

    4. Pache Benitez says:

      coff coff hormonal problems and hypothyroidism coff coff Prader-willi
      syndrome COFF

    5. Luna Nguy?n says:

      +teubert2 It runs in the family. Everyone’s legs are under the same dinner

  8. Diana Saldana says:

    Yep, didn’t work for me also… the only thing that really worked for me
    was using only one natural supplement https://t.co/HKzIBAdSvy The
    supplement I am using is preventing fat from building up, so I got no
    problem with the food I eat and I look better than ever. Also every weekend
    I am going to the gym. Hope I could help :)?

    1. Stephen Donovan says:

      Omg I had also great results with it, but I bought it while I was in USA,
      and now I run out of my supply, and now can’t find it in my country (Italy)
      🙁 Please tell me how to order for Europe, thanks.

    2. Mary Patherson says:

      lol we are using the same thing, it is becoming popular. I am also having
      great results with that supplement.

  9. anita dutoit says:

    i’m still gonna try to lose this muffin top of mine?

    1. Robin Doeve says:

      +Rumer Priestly I thought that too before I started keto. Once your body
      has adapted and your body fat becomes your source of energy, there’s no
      need for carbs and sugars anymore. And when I crave sweets, I just drink a
      diet snapple (they have keto friendly sweeteners) and craving fixed.
      And keto-fied foods are often better than the real thing anyway.
      Best part: lost 30 pounds in a month, no exercise, and kept my boobs

    2. Rumer Priestly says:

      Life isn’t worth living without carbs.

    3. Melanie Morales says:

      Try cutting out carbs its helped me a lot I lost 64 lbs in 4 months

    4. littlegyaru says:

      No food is a natural source of vitamin B12. It is from microbial activity
      and is naturally found in soil, but due to soils becoming nutrient
      depleted, livestock animals are often supplemented with B12.

      Since our food is thoroughly cleaned we as humans don’t get access to B12
      from the soil as we normally would in nature. Yes, while it is important to
      note that vegans must supplement with B12, omnivores are not immune to B12
      deficiency, and some studies even show that they are just as likely to have
      sub-optimal B12 levels as vegans (you can do a google search to find these

      Also note that meat consumption has its downsides:
      – Certain meats, including bacon, ham, sausages and other preserved meats
      have been classified as carcinogenic (causing cancer) by the WHO.
      – Digesting meat is also highly acidifying and releases free radicals which
      drives cell oxidation and ageing.

  10. Chelsea Skies says:

    ask me how I lost 70 lbs. calories in. calories out.?

    1. Liberty Gruber says:

      That’s awesome. I lost 30 lbs the same way. Eat less, exercise more

    2. Rainbow Sunshine says:

      +Kategirle great job you can do anything you put your mind to ??

    3. Kategirle says:

      Chelsea Skies wow that’s amazing, I’m a current food addict trying to lose
      weight and eat properly. It’s tough, so far I’ve lost 13lbs still working
      on it.

    4. Hostile Sheep says:


  11. Jeremiah C says:

    The end of this video was terrible.?

    1. Laura Martin says:

      Its 2016 in a clip

    2. Skyline says:

      B E A U T I F U L R A I N B O W

    3. fresh and slick banter says:

      The whole video was terrible

  12. Maddel97 says:

    We’re never gonna find out what you actually can do to lose weight
    according to Buzzfeed? Overweight people just have to stay overweight and
    skinny people that crave some curves have to stay skinny? Okay, cool,

    1. theflamingpi says:

      +Cherryl Hulsbosch

      Anorexia Nervosa is scary! I hope you are getting help for it.

    2. Cher is Clueless says:

      Well, what I did was not eat at all or just 500 or less cals a day. (THIS

    3. theflamingpi says:

      +Map Rose

      I was speaking from personal experience on that left hand and breathing
      thing. It’s frightening how very much an extra couple hundred pounds can
      have a huge impact on health.

    4. Map Rose says:

      +theflamingpi hhhh true i mean im trying to lose weight because every
      doctor i go to said i should or it will effect my health badly as it
      already started

    5. theflamingpi says:

      You missed the narrative. It’s evil societal patriarchy that tells you to
      lose weight, so don’t lose weight and feel good about that pain in your
      chest on every inhale and numbness in the left hand.

  13. Slither says:

    Rhis video is like Sponge Bob when Patrick is telling him the story about
    the ugly barnacle… “That Didn’t Help At All” lol?

    1. Rainbow Sunshine says:

      I love that episode. “I’m ugly and I’m proud”. ??

    2. Slither says:

      +Rainbow Sunshine lol

    3. Rainbow Sunshine says:


  14. Zapsie says:

    *Yes, losing weight CAN be difficult. No, that is NOT a good reason not to
    do it. Don’t be fat just because you’re too lazy to put in the work to be

    1. NOT A VIRUS IDK says:

      Itsmonia.__.x and if ur craving sugar dark chocolate is a option after uve
      lost maybe about half of ur goal

    2. Itsmonia.__.x says:

      +Robin Doeve not to be mean or anything but I’m sure bacon ain’t healthy at
      all even avacados has lots of sugar but if u crave sugar a lot u could
      actually have some avacados it helps 🙂

    3. Robin Doeve says:

      It’s so easy to lose FAT (not just weight, fat specifically) when you’re in
      ketosis. Eating fat is very good for you when you cut out carbs, because
      fat becomes your new energy source. I met my halfway goal in a month with
      zero excercise.
      Carbs and sugars are evil, eat bacon and avocados instead.

  15. JaZzY_ SlayZ says:

    Here’s the soulation!
    Check the sugar grams
    Cals is not the only ways your gaining weight?

    1. Leonelf says:

      fat can also be metabolized by cells. it’s just not used as fast as sugar
      since sugar doesn’t have to be converted that far and since fat it used as
      storage (which you normally don’t want to empty).

    2. brookcie1 says:

      Sugar is calories.

    3. TheRealLingrush says:

      your body actually does convert fat into the same stuff sugar is broken
      down into – look up beta oxidation and glycolysis

    4. TheRealLingrush says:

      sugar is included in the calories listed

    5. mila spicer says:

      *fat. fat is stored as fat sugar is not. sugar feeds your cells and fat
      cannot be converted into sugar therefore it’s stored as fat.

  16. john brown says:

    You can’t loose weight because you are weak willed?

    1. Sherlock Watson says:

      +Rainbow Sunshine same and thanks for the help ~

    2. Rainbow Sunshine says:

      Good luck – I don’t exercise much but if you find it helpful then by all
      means go for it.

    3. Sherlock Watson says:

      +Rainbow Sunshine oh ok

    4. Rainbow Sunshine says:

      +Tony Winters I think it can

    5. Sherlock Watson says:

      +Rainbow Sunshine yeah!

  17. TheDude 44464 says:

    This is a borderline dangerous video. Fucking fatties, just because you
    don’t instantly lose that 10-year-old fupa after one salad (with a bucket
    of ranch and a diet coke) and 10 minutes on the treadmill at 2.4, doesn’t
    mean that your body is incapable of losing weight.?

    1. SWIRLY4LIFE says:

      this comment made me laugh lol

    2. repairdrive says:

      Right. it’s like this video was made just so obese lazy people can feel
      good about not making any change in their life.

    3. Skyline says:

      muh eliptical

  18. meghan Steinberger says:

    So basically your telling fat people that that it’s not their fault.

  19. Julia Hildebrand says:

    Show this video to freelee?

    1. selfconsciousandsweet says:

      I laughed wayyyyy to hard

    2. Jordan Link says:

      too bad this video is illogical

    3. Eva Rguez says:

      +Obsidian Samuri? Yes! Yes it does!!!

    4. Semi-Prøblematic says:

      +Eva Rguez well this video has more false facts than real ones

    5. Lea Pasquale says:


  20. sherry si says:

    so ill eat 3,000 calories a day and burn like 200 for a year
    we’ll see how much easier weight loss has been ???

    1. Grace mcd says:

      sherry si I eat around 500 everyday and burn about 200 and I’m losing
      weight explain why

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