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Woman goes to the gym for 100 days (Weight Loss Motivation)

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I remain in between jobs as well as seeking a setting as a Project Administrative Assistant in the Building and construction, Start-Up or Technology field (SF Bay Area).

Track: We Discovered Love by Glee Cast.
Location: 24-HOUR Health and fitness.

Including Lakeisha Shurn.
Modified by Karen X. Cheng.
( Note: some clips appear out of whack for editorial factors. Initial clips could be located at ).

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32 thoughts on “Woman goes to the gym for 100 days (Weight Loss Motivation)

  1. Winnie Deng says:

    seriously how can anyone not have a smile on their face while watching this
    beautiful woman find confidence within herself! :D?

    1. Laurenz Ahmed says:

      Omg right, this video made my eyes water. I thank her for the inspiration.

    2. Lisa Otoo says:

      +Kiki Demenaga Why do you people always ruin everything?

    3. Kimberly Ullman says:

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      fat loss program for women only…….

  2. Marilyn Torres says:

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    1. Shaked Dawan says:

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    2. Natasha Bendrodt says:


  3. Tory Bernadette says:

    I search a few keywords looking to connect with more people like me who are
    on their weight loss journey. Im looking to find more women who are losing
    weight eating balanced meals + crossfit. I’ll keep searching. If thats you
    please, lets connect. Follow and I’ll follow back.?

  4. lee z says:

    gleeeek you’re so beautiful?

  5. Sandra Jefferson says:

    Wow congrats!!!! You look amazing?

  6. Dark_Sunshine says:

    good job, girl!! so proud of you.?

  7. Nesha Britwood says:

    Great job! I wonder what she looks like as of today??

  8. Coco Mel says:

    wow! that is determination, well done , you go girl :D?

  9. Mel's Mind Over Matter says:

    So proud of you and I can relate to your story on SO many levels. So
    inspiring! Recently started documenting my own weight loss journey on
    youtube and sometimes it feels impossible to change or you have no idea
    where to start. I am down 16 pounds and am NOT stopping any time soon.?

  10. Lupita Velazquez says:

    That os amazona!!!!?

    1. Lupita Velazquez says:


  11. Miriam Wallace says:

    Losing weight and staying with the beautiful body is a great challenge for
    everyone. I did the diet my cousin recommended and I lost belly and 21
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  12. K. Washington says:

    I want to lose weight, but I find it to be rather boring. I love to work
    out, but not having a buddy makes me lose interest. Do you guys have any
    advice for staying motivated??

    1. Nesha Britwood says:

      just keep going. It’s going on 2 months since I’ve decided to start my
      weight loss journey, and I’ve been working out at home every single day for
      30 -45 minutes, sometimes I do a whole hour, and I always drink water
      throughout the day as well. I keep a nice big jug with me. If I forget my
      water bottle jug while I’m out I just buy a bottle of water, and it’s also
      about portioning your food. I feel the weight coming off of me because my
      clothes feel looser, and I can see a difference in me a little bit as well.
      If you don’t want loose skin, then just take your time with it. A lot of
      people can avoid loose skin, but some people just loose the weight so fast.
      You just have to stay dedicated. And what keeps me dedicated is when I
      watch My 600 Pound life, or when I see success stories, and also when I go
      on Pinterest and read motivational quotes and tips. Just stay focused.

  13. WD Drewa says:

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    1. NildaSherwood N says:

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    2. KaoFhang CH says:

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  14. Jenny :3 says:

    .-. I gain 146 My goal is 115 but i dont think i can reach it D:?

    1. Orange-teeth says:

      diet is the main problem. going to the gym is more about building muscle.
      the food part is the part that will make you lose weight. count calories
      eat more vegan type foods.

    2. The Never Ending Story says:

      Never Give Up xxxx

  15. Lynds L says:

    Made my eyes water, was looking for some type of motivation to
    keep going on my weightless that i’m three months in and don’t see a
    difference. I’ve dropped two pant sizes and can fit into regular sized
    shirts rather than plus. It feels nice but again i don’t see it if that
    makes sense? anyway, congratulations this is amazing?

  16. Miriam Wallace says:

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  17. Sylvia Gavin says:

    Good for you???

  18. Myla Izaman says:

    You have a very nice and friendly smile. :)?

  19. ALICE SILVA says:

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    the body and keep fit. My friend Grace managed to lose weight 25 pounds
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  20. Lucy Post says:

    Well done! What a wonderful achievement!!!?

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