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World’s Heaviest Woman Attempts To Lose Weight To Wed

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World’s Heaviest Lady Attempts To Drop weight To Wed


SUBSCRIBE:. FIFTY-four rock mum Charity Pierce, 38, has found love – with a toyboy almost half her age. Charity succumbed to Tony, 21, three years ago as well as both have actually considering that come to be engaged. Currently Tony is aiding housebound Charity discover a physician willing to do a bypass operation which she hopes will save her life – and let them be wed. The pair satisfied after Charity’s little girl Charly, 17, struck up a friendship with Tony – who is in fact her dad’s younger bro.

Videographer/ Director: Ruaridh Connellan.
Manufacturer: Liam Miller.
Editor: Ian Phillips/ Joshua Douglas.

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42 thoughts on “World’s Heaviest Woman Attempts To Lose Weight To Wed

  1. mercury theman888 says:

    omg i feel bad for her.?

    1. Loving kitty cat says:

      mercury theman888 same she needs help ??

    2. Gloggi AJ says:

      mercury theman888 me too

  2. Charlotte Ophélie says:

    22 pounds in 4 weeks is actually rlly good she should be proud.?

    1. new scientist says:

      Katie R

    2. Lyric says:

      Mr Towelie It’s actually impossible to lose 20 pounds in a day. For anyone.
      Your body can’t handle that sudden drop in weight

    3. Katie R says:

      right. I can understand why she’s frustrated, but she’s gotta realize she
      didn’t put on that much weight in 4 weeks…its not going to take 4 weeks
      to get it off. Heck it may take her close to 4 years just to get under 300

    4. Mr Towelie says:

      thats awful for her. if you’re like 40 pounds over weight thats good. she
      should lose that in a day

    5. Susie Mcclain says:

      +abianah howell p

  3. Nefeli Koutsouri says:

    Call me heartless,but i come back to that video whenever i have gotten some
    weight to feel better about myself…?

    1. PopularMMOs21gir l says:

      +Michelle Rosales my name is michelle

    2. Michelle Rosales says:


    3. Nelly Lindsköld says:


  4. SSOlinnea says:

    finally I feel myself little bit skinnier.?

  5. Pedro12 pedro says:

    I went from obese to normal (even a bit skinny) by myself . If I did it
    everyone can do it too!?

    1. ryan Pugh says:

      Jerry Reid! nice comeback, bro!

    2. Jerry Reid says:

      Everybody dies, dumbass. LOL

    3. Hongjie Xie says:

      How about obese people just die

    4. randomuploadsism says:

      why is it ex-fatties are the hardest on people who are still big? also it
      is WAY harder for chicks to lose weight that dudes. thats why so many guys
      lose weight by accident – almost never happens with women

  6. Cody Chase says:

    If she managed to get the lymphodema on her legs surgically removed it
    would be far easier to lose weight.?

  7. Cammy Ruez says:

    Her right leg probably weighs more than my whole body smh?

    1. Audrey Hartman says:

      her arm probably weighs 90 pounds at least

    2. Nana o says:




  8. TK Entertainment says:

    Haha the burger king ad before this video x’D?

    1. covik petrocyan says:


    2. Lizzie :D says:

      omg ?

  9. Axrty says:

    I feel so bad for her especially when she cried and said she’s not giving
    up ??

  10. randomuploadsism says:

    dat dr dough <3 :O ...... too bad he's married :(?

  11. Chris Joy says:

    Her fiancé must be sick in the head to waste his time with that fat slob!?

    1. Chris Joy says:

      +Shila Reeves you do realise people don’t just become fat slobs? but thank
      you for your reply. I appreciate everyone’s input no matter how dim witted
      and pointless they may seem.

    2. Shila Reeves says:

      You should shut your mouth! What if you became a fat slob, huh!!! How would
      you feel to be depressed at can’t get married! Go get help!!!

    3. Chris Joy says:

      +Lynne Reid thank you, thank you very much.

    4. Lynne Reid says:

      your comments are hilarious!!! keep up the good work, brightened up my
      nightshift ???

  12. Steph A says:

    One of her arms probably weigh more than my entire body lmao.?

    1. cleon xx says:

      Steph A wow u r so funny im crying XDDD!!1!!!1!!11

  13. haventgotoverit says:

    Tony is obviously mentally challenged… or fat is his thing?

  14. youTube?? says:


  15. allinblack says:

    The doctors should also help Charly before she becomes her mother.?

  16. Oranje Renaissance says:

    If she’s genetically like that so sorry for her. If she was normal before
    but ate like an animal then I feel less sad for her.?

    1. Pornographie Infantile says:

      +Todd Simone No, there is a population on whichever island i don’t remember
      where almost all of them are morbidly obese and that was caused by all the
      skinny people of their tribe dying while migrating to a new island.

      But with this exception, genetically “fat” “people” rarely exists.

    2. Todd Simone says:

      No one is genetically fat. They just have bad eating habits and don’t get
      proper exercise. Don’t buy into that I was born like this bullshit.

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